Ferrari / 360 Challenge

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The Ferrari 360 Modena road car was extensively redesigned to create a track-focused model made specifically for use in the Ferrari Challenge racing series. Only 200 were manufactured and marketed by Ferrari as a true race car. Unlike the previous racing model, the Ferrari 355, the 360 Challenge was considered a factory-built race car as it did not require a dealer installed upgrade kit.

With the reduction of the weight in the exhaust system, the 3.6L V8 in the Ferrari 360 Challenge got a slight boost in power compared to the road car with a maximum power output of 410 horsepower and 286 foot pounds of torque. The 360 Challenge was able to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, which was 0.6 second faster than the Ferrari 360 Modena. It also could reach a top speed of 185 miles per hour.
Many of the creature comfort features were removed in this stripped down racing sports car including the stereo, power windows and locks, soundproofing, air bags, air conditioning, and the handbrake. The Ferrari 360 Challenge was fitted with a single carbon fiber racing seat, roll cage, and fire suppression system for drivers safety.

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