Meet the Team: Geoff Edwards

Posted on February 17, 2021 by
Posted in Crew and Company

Geoff started with T.Rutlands in January, 2018 at our Wisconsin location. Since then, Geoff has worked with many of our customers, assisting them with getting parts for their projects. Before T.Rutlands, Geoff experienced working as a tow truck driver and then at an auto parts store. During his time there, he built relationships with the companies he delivered to and learned how to work with commercial accounts and finding correct parts. This has helped Geoff tremendously throughout his time at T.Rutlands. One thing Geoff enjoys about working at T.Rutlands is how much he learns and shares his knowledge with the rest of the team and our customers. “The T.Rutlands team is made up of eight employees coming from different backgrounds and experiences,” said Geoff. “That’s what makes us a strong team, we can help each other solve Ferrari parts problems.” Geoff knows the importance of a client’s trust, and to build that trust he makes sure to fully understand a customer’s needs. The more questions you ask him, the more he can inform or research, giving you more time with your car. When Geoff isn’t working with customers, he’s either working on his own cars, or running shows for local bands, controlling the sound, lights, and mics.