Ferrari / Enzo

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The mid-mounted V12 engine sports car made a comeback in 2002 in the limited production Type F140, better known as the Ferrari Enzo. Named after the company’s founder, the Enzo Ferrari premiered at the 2002 Paris Motor Show.
Only 399 units were manufactured during the production run from 2002 to 2004. They were all sold prior to production, with a starting price tag just under $700,000 US dollars. The Ferrari Enzo incorporated technologies from Formula One racing cars, as well as leveraging superior aerodynamics and a traction control system to maximize performance. The naturally aspirated V12 engine with fuel injection was capable of producing 651 horsepower, 485 foot pounds of torque, and had a top speed of 221 miles per hour.
The success of the Ferrari Enzo, led to another limited production run starting in 2013 with the Ferrari LaFerrari.
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