T. Rutlands To Open New Location

The world around us may seem to be at a halt with the COVID-19 outbreak, but we are taking full advantage of this time to make some major updates. We’ve reached a major milestone as a company thanks to you, our customers. In order to continue to be a leader in providing genuine Ferrari car parts, we felt now was the right time to streamline our operations into a new warehouse and distribution center location that will be opening soon!

We Are on the Move

In mid-January, T. Rutlands employees began the process of relocating one of our major warehouses from Georgia to Wisconsin. 

The first step in this process involved purchasing additional parts and accessories that our customers are most interested in. We then acquired a new warehouse space in Wisconsin near our current base of operations and are currently in the process of making renovations to the warehouse. Our final step in this project will be to move the remaining inventory of Ferrari parts and accessories to Wisconsin from Georgia. 

Having all of these Ferrari parts and accessories in one centralized location will not only create more efficiency in our operations but will also increase our ability to deliver these parts and accessories to you—our customers—through improved order processing.

The New T. Rutlands Warehouse

t rutlands-new-warehouse-interior

This new warehouse and distribution center will provide flexibility for major growth in the future. (That means more vintage Ferrari parts for you!) In order to get this space streamlined and operating at top efficiency, we’re doing major renovations and cleaning, erecting new walls, and repainting and sealing the floors. 

While providing best-in-class safety for our employees, these upgrades will add ample room for organizing and cataloging parts.

t rutlands-new-office-location

“The new building has kept us busy through the COVID-19 pandemic,” said T. Rutlands employee Tom Wolfert. “It has motivated us to finish so that when the virus blows over, we are ready to help our customers get their cars back on the road.”

T. Rutlands has taken full advantage of the current pandemic situation by focusing our team on this building renovation. It has also allowed us to expand our resources.

While many of our suppliers have been temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 virus, we’ve continued to provide our customers with the parts and services that you need when you need them. We’ve had to expand our order fulfillment processes to find new and different ways to deliver customer orders. This gives us many more outlets for obtaining Ferrari parts and accessories now and well into the future. 

Ferrari Parts Storage

Over the coming weeks, we will create new office space for our sales team. Our ultimate goal is to integrate sales, logistics and distribution into a single, fluid process with the end result of providing you the best Ferrari auto parts efficiently.

We are on track to complete our new building in mid- to late-summer 2020. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you again to all of our customers for your love of Ferrari and T. Rutlands!

T. Rutlands-new-office-space